More and more Timetag users are starting to use Slack and have integrated Timetag to improve their workflow. We wanted to do something nice so we added new features to our Slack integration.
These new features can help you react faster to budget evolutions and help you you manage your communication with Timetag.

1. Budget Milestone notifications

Tired of being surprised about how fast you reached your estimated budget on a project when it is already too late?

Timetag now gives you updates on Slack when you have spent 25%, 50%, 75% and 95% of your estimated budget. This will enable you to take action earlier on to avoid going over your budget. You will also be notified when you eventually spent all of the budget.

2. Choose the information you need

We realise that every professional has different goals and different ways of reaching those goals.

We now offer the possibility to enable and disable notifications to fit your professional needs. We believe that the right information can greatly help you in reaching your goals and that redundant information just slows you down.
At Timetag, we are all about efficiency!

3. Choose a specific channel for each notification

Divide and conquer!
It can become confusing when you receive lots of different notifications on the same Slack channel. You might miss important information that got hidden in the pile of notifications or it can become hard to follow up on different workflows.

By choosing a specific Slack channel for each type of notification, you can add more structure to your information flow and make sure that the right information reaches the right people in your organization.

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