Whether you’re the project manager juggling between assignments or freelancer trying to get organized, procrastination affects us all. Luckily, we can develop habits to overcome it.

Here are three simple ways to kick procrastinating to the curb:

1. Make a list.

Write down every single thing you have to do as broken down as possible. For example: if you need to clean your room, instead of writing down ‘clean room’, put all the things that task is broken down to like ‘change bedsheets’, ‘wipe mirrors’, and ‘sweep floor’.

2. Rank each item.

Next to each task, put down the level of importance according to a letter A, B, or C. ‘A’ tasks are things that absolutely have to be done as quick as possible. ‘B’ tasks are important to do but don’t necessarily have to be done today. ‘C’ tasks are things that need to be done but are not mandatory.

3. Set rewards.

Make a reward for the completion of each task. For instance, you can spend 20 minutes on your favourite website but only after you sweep the floor. Setting rewards like this keeps you focused on wanting to finish the task quickly.

By using this simple three step system, you can start getting things crossed off your list, which makes you not only feel great but helps you avoid procrastinating.

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Now, stop procrastinating by reading this and get things done! ;)