It’s been 2 months now since we released the new Timetag and the response so far has been great, thank you all!

Today, we’re happy to announce a complete overhaul of the Report section, making it more consistent and featuring new visualisations of your team’s activity.

Activity and budget overview

The main addition is the activity graph. Inspired by Github’s activity charts, it gives you a quick overview of project activity within your organisation.

From the report charts, it was not straightforward to find the total time spent or the remaining budget of a project. Therefore, we’ve added a popup window showing a clean overview of your projects’ spendings compared to your estimations.

New pricing

Although we’re convinced Timetag offers some unique advantages over other solutions, we decided to reduce our prices in order to reach a broader audience. Check out the different subscription plans on our pricing page. Existing customers will be transferred automatically to the new pricing model at the next payment cycle. Customers on a yearly plan will receive credit on their account, taking into account the remaining months.

What’s next?

We’re working on:

  • An iOS companion app for Timetag (currently in private beta). More info soon!
  • A Public Developer API that allows you to integrate Timetag with other applications

We’re still working hard to improve Timetag based on your suggestions, so keep sending us feedback or feel free to contact us at if you have any questions!