With summer holidays right around the corner (well, maybe we’re dreaming a bit), employees are already planning where they’ll be spending it. Wouldn’t it be easy to track all the time taken off for holidays in your organization on both a whole and individual level?

With Timetag it’s easy. Here’s how XAOP does it:

Each individual simply uses the project tag #holiday to enter in their calendars on the dates they take vacation.

This entries are automatically pushed into Timetag.

As an administrator, you can now go into the reports section and choose the holiday project.

Whether you need a report for a specific month of holidays, a year, or the entire time, you can simply filter for the duration you would like.

You can also select individual users to see their exact time spent for holiday.

To ensure that everybody books the holidays he is entitled to, XAOP assigns individual budgets in the ‘holidays’ project. This allows them to visualize spent holiday time against budgeted holiday time.

XAOP needs to send a report to HR on the total time spent for holidays so far in 2015 by all employees. They choose the Project Holiday, for all users, and for this year. They can then export this to a PDF and easily send it to HR.

It’s as simple as that.