We are excited to announce the release of a new feature to Timetag today: labels. 

Labels can be used in reporting to group projects together. 

Here are some examples on how they can be used in your organization:

1. You want to generate a single report of all the projects from a certain client. Simply create a label and add all the projects belonging to that group. 

Now when you go into reports, by simply typing the label, the projects are automatically chosen.  

2. You want to provide an overview to your HR company or department of the worked days by an employee in order to calculate salaries. In such a case, the time an employee has not worked can be provided. 

With labels, you can group together projects such as holidays and sick days under the label HR to quickly create a single report. 

3. You want to generate a report for your billable projects. Simply put a label named Billable on each project that fits the criteria. When creating a report, you no longer will have to select each individual project that is billable but rather simply click your billable label. It’s as simple as that.

Want to know more? Check out (how to create a label).